Thursday, March 30, 2006

Venture Capital - Back To The Future

I've spent 25 years building technology companies from both sides of the table. Most recently was an early stage investor managing the investments and portfolio for Idealab. I’ve had the privilege to work with and helping number of fantastic entrepreneurs and came to the conclusion that the world could indeed use another venture firm. A venture firm that leverages the operating and life experiences of the partners and focuses on great returns by making the entrepreneur and companies successful. As I was coming to this conclusion I had the good fortune to partner with a longtime friend and associate who is likeminded, similarly experienced and all around great person, Stu Phillips. Stu and I are thrilled and proud to have co-founded Ridgelift Ventures, a new venture firm we are building from the ground up to service the needs of and partner with early stage companies and entrepreneurs.

The funny thing about it is that when we describe what we are up to many folks familar with the history of the venture business have described it as "Venture Capital, back to the future". We take that as a compliment!

I’m hoping to blog about the experiences of starting this new firm, my views on the market and various challenges facing companies, not to mention a few other random opinions. Hope you enjoy.


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